Spring is around the corner and so is the first vacation of the year – Spring Break!

Where you’ll be going this time is just one of the multiple arrangements you’ll have to work on before you go.

But before you stress out! I want to let you know that you’re about to learn how you can prepare, so you can really enjoy your trip with a clear mind. Like you’ve heard before, the trip doesn’t begin when you arrive to your destination, but at home 😆

Below are 11 Tips that will help you be better prepared when you go on vacation.

I do it for my clients and I encourage you to do it too so you’re set for a good start to your trip.

  • Stop your mail.
  • Turn off the water.
  • Turn off the heat/AC.
  • Toss food that will go to waste.
  • Set up your pets at a daycare facility or with a pet sitter.
  • Lock your car in a safe place.
  • Make sure your sprinklers are working or have someone water your plants for you.
  • Ask your gardener to keep the garbage bins in.
  • Bring in outdoor pillows and furniture.
  • Set your house alarm and notify the home security system operator about your travels.
  • Notify your credit card company of where you’ll be traveling so you can keep using your card.

Once you’ve taken care of the above, think about who’s going to take care of your home when you’re out of town. If you have no one that can help you out, Boutique Concierge can be/is your choice 😁 😄 😁

“Vacation Services” is actually one of the most requested concierge services for this time of the year.

When people travel, they know that in order to have peace of mind and enjoy their vacation, they need to be assured that their home and pets are taken care of.

Some of the tasks that I help with this service are:

  • Check the interior and the exterior of the house.
  • Check the mail.
  • Check the plants and notify gardener if something doesn’t look right.
  • Look for maintenance and security issues.
  • Restock refrigerator upon your vacation return.

A client of mine’s pool overflowed just after she left on one of her journeys. Imagine what would’ve happened if she hadn’t decided to have a personal concierge check on her place. Afterwards she told me “You have no idea how relieved I feel knowing that my house is in your hands while I’m traveling!”

Her words and experience forced me to share this with you because I do want you to have the best time and not have to worry about a thing!

Please, do others a favor and forward this information. Whether they’re traveling soon… or at any point in their lives – these tips don’t expire 😉

Bon Voyage ✈️ 🚕 🛳 🏃🏼‍♂️


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