Every Monday and Friday at 8 am, I speak with my AB (Accountability Buddy). In case you don’t know, an AB is someone that holds you accountable through your goals, and vice versa. She owns a Concierge company based in Oregon, and even though we serve different clients (she helps the elderly, while Boutique Concierge helps busy professionals), we always help each other out and even push each other when we have to!

We had an enlightening conversation this week. Competition. She explained to me that the person who’s actually been giving her referrals for the last months, is now offering concierge services too. My AB is worried because this lady’s business has been growing exponentially and she might lose clients to her.

I actually believe competition is a good thing. It’s a sign that what you do is working, and that you weren’t that crazy after all! And I like to say, there’s room for everyone. We can’t serve our entire communities by ourselves!

AND… we can’t be the perfect fit for everyone either.

I shared with her how last Sunday I decided to make a change in my personal habits thanks to competition.

I had been listening to a podcast on my way to the beach. It was an interview with Lindsay Mccormick, the Founder and CEO of Bite Toothpaste Bits, an all-natural, zero waste toothpaste tablet on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable oral care company.

How many toothpaste brands are out there? Did that stop Lindsay from creating hers? No. She didn’t fret about her competition because her reason to create a new toothpaste was what pushed her through. Her product is different, her goal is different, and the bottom line is that the type of client that she attracts is different than the one that buys Colgate.

She’s a genius! And totally my type of human. I immediately decided to join her cause and use her toothpaste glass jars so that I can help save the planet too.

Same reason why I drive a hybrid car. That’s how companies attract their customers, by making clear why they’re doing what they’re doing.

I told my AB: “You’re different from your colleague. Focus on your purpose, on what you offer and on the type of client that you want to work with. The rest will fall into place.”

Don’t let competition waste your time and energy. Instead, welcome it!

We live in a very diverse planet, with very diverse cultures and very diverse type of people. It’s only natural that there will be competition so everyone can be served.

What about you? Why do you do what you do?⁠

I founded Boutique Concierge with the purpose of helping busy professionals enjoy their lives and decrease stress levels in the world. ⁠

And we’re finding each other too 😊

Have an EXTRAORDINARY rest of your week!


Photo by Tony Ross

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