Let’s face it: we ALL need help.


Whether it’s with our home, our errands, our shopping, our children’s homework… the list is long and we can always use someone’s help.

Gone are the days that we could do everything ourselves.

Our clients get help in a weekly or bi-weekly basis when they sign up for the Boutique Concierge Membership Program. This regularity gives them the reassurance that no matter what, they’ll have the extra time they need to do whatever makes them happy.

Being able to enjoy life is priceless. They understand that, and as a result, they live the life they want to live.

Take our client “H” as an example.


Last Thursday as I walked through her door to help with her errands and to-do list, she told me: “Hi, Naima! I’m so glad I got you this week! I want to go on a hike Saturday and I can’t thank you enough for helping me out!”

That happened because one year ago she MADE THE DECISION to ask for help so she could have more time every week to enjoy the gifts of life.

What are those things that you want to do, or those places that you want to go that you just don’t have the time for?

The benefits of delegating tasks to others are so numerous and positive that it’s hard to understand why we don’t ask for help before we are completely depleted.

Why we don’t delegate sooner:


1) “I can do it all”.

2) “The person I need doesn’t exist. Who’ going to do what I need to do the way I do it?

1) Wrong.

2) Wrong.

That person exists. Actually, there are more than one!

Here’s my most recent experience. I started with two people: my son, whom I sent to the Farmers Market to buy a baguette; and a homework tutor, so she could help my son with homework while I worked.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? But it helped me so much! Not only with the time I got back, but it also proved to me that I too could delegate. In my mind, I felt comfortable and that was the springboard I needed to ask for help more often.

What’s stopping you from getting help? Think about the people you have around. Start with your spouse, your children, a friend. But START 🙏🏻

Precaution! The use of our Membership Program or any other type of help that you ask for may cause side effects such as: more family vacations, more time to slow down (bringing so much calm and clarity to your well-being), and more time to just sit and read (or do nothing!).


Happy month of October!


Photo by Tim Mossholder

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