The truth? We love our clients. We’re so happy to provide caring, personal attention to each one of them. And we’re thrilled and forever grateful by how pleased they are with our work.

As a female leader in a male dominated business world, I have always jokingly said I needed a wife. Someone who can manage my life, so I can enjoy life when I get time off. Enter Naima. At first, I wasn’t sure how to leverage her, but she took the lead and very quickly showed me how much she can handle. From scheduling doctor appointments, helping to upgrade all the tech in my house, home organization, chasing deliveries and contractors, and So. Much. More. She’s also been reselling my designer clothing and furniture, so she always shows up with checks from The Real Real, almost paying for herself. Naima is obviously very organized, but also proactive, action-oriented, very responsive, and just lovely to be around. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, not able to enjoy your time off, or you just don’t want to carry the load on your own, Naima is for you.

Kim Burrs

As a personal assistant whom assists with homes worldwide, I rely heavily on personal concierges. I currently work with many over the states, Canada, and Europe and have to say that without a doubt Boutique Concierge is above and beyond the best. I feel confident that my brain power can be put to use elsewhere as they have the home and needs covered in every aspect. I can rest assured that they have thought of and done all things. (Even things that seem minuscule or not important). They consider cost, time and efficiency with every project they have been handed. They update me consistently on status of home, mail, packages, cleaning, weather (so we can determine how much outdoor maintenance is needed), repairs, and more. They also handle all communication with outside vendors (i.e.: car detailing, car maintenance, house maintenance, repairs, etc). They have literally made my job so easy!! If you are looking for concierge needs, look no further!! This is without a doubt the best service in the LA area!

Additional to add: they are lovely people to work with. Not just because they are so great at their jobs but because they too are kind and caring humans!! I would rate them higher if I could! 5+ stars!!!

Kelly Meegan

Boutique Concierge is the ultimate Concierge service.
There is no project or request to big or to small. Not only is it handled but done quickly and efficiently. I truly feel like I don’t have to even think about the property, because they have thought of everything. Even down to the smallest details.Communication is thorough. Receiving weekly updates on all house matters.
I truly don’t believe there is a better concierge service out there. You would be lucky to work with them!!
There are not enough words to express my highest review of Boutique Concierge.


My experience with Boutique Concierge has been convenient, valuable, and extremely efficient all the way through. They helped take the load of various errands, planning, and finding good references for other services such as a personal stylist completely off of my shoulders. I would definitely recommend Naima, Burcin, and the rest of their team to anybody looking for comprehensive and trustworthy assistance.

David B.

Naima and Boutique Concierge are absolutely wonderful! Naima always goes above and beyond to get everything we need done. She truly cares about her clientele and is kind, polite, personable, and professional. She is in touch at all times throughout every project to make sure everything is done exactly to our specifications. Naima is not only an outstanding personal concierge, but a great human being with a heart of gold. I cannot recommend Naima or Boutique Concierge enough!

Maya Zreik

Naima is super professional and very enjoyable to work with. She is very detailed oriented which gave our company ease to know she’s got everything accounted for and under control. She is excellent at follow-thru, execution and follow-up with a graceful disposition. Highly recommend her!

Jessica I. Morales
Assil Eye Institute

Naima and Boutique Concierge are a valuable asset to any busy professional or organization. Naima is pleasant, professional, diligent, and resourceful. Most importantly, she gets the job done right! We highly recommend calling Boutique Concierge whenever you’re in need of a resourceful extension of your team. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to hire Boutique Concierge!
Ps. Don’t be surprised if you become fast friends with Naima. She’s that awesome of a human!

Jon Gluck
Co-Owner of Vydeo

Naima is amazing! Not only an exceptional personal concierge, but an out of this world human being. Naima truly cares about our projects, small or large, is honest, professional, kind, and sincere. It’s rare to find someone who cares as much about your own well-being and accomplishments as you do – Naima is that person! She communicates quickly and clearly, is impeccably prompt, and brings a classy touch to everything she touches. Highly recommend to anyone!

Ariana Escalante
Co-Owner of Vydeo

Naima and her team are amazing. She is highly dependable, professional, and always leaves a personal touch of care with her service. I can always count on and trust Naima to take care of everything from highly confidential mail to arranging housekeeping, yard work, and dry cleaning. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking help in balancing busy work and personal lives. No project is too big or too small.

Lilly Bright

I needed to leave LA during the Covid shelter in place to take care of my parents in Idaho and I could not have done it without Naima. She made sure to visit regularly and ensure I had all my mail and everything else was taken care of. What peace of mind! This way I could ensure they were ok without having any added worries. She is trustworthy, and consistent as well as being a wonderful person all around!

Heather Mason

Naima is AMAZING! She has gone above and beyond for me! Best ever!

Jennifer Childers

We were struggling to find a trustworthy property manager to help us with an investment property in the Hollywood Hills since we were not local at the time. We had previously interviewed and worked with some other “professional property management” companies, only to discover that they had little respect or care for the property. Then we happily found Naima! We called her, not sure if she would have us as clients because her main area is concierge, but she learned very quickly about the house and our needs and jumped into managing our property right away. She supervised technicians and routine repair work, did household inventory and shopping, managed cleaning staff, and even researched and interviewed contractors for floor refinishing estimates. It’s been such a breeze working with her: she’s clear in communication, extremely patient, and most importantly, very caring about her clients and the property she manages, which is a HUGE relief for us. I would highly recommend Naima to anyone who needs an attentive and reliable helping hand—she’ll do it just like you would, maybe even better!

Jesse Dean
Keller Williams Beverly Hills

Reliability, honesty, class and a constant smile are key qualities for a service business, and Naima Blasco/Boutique Concierge, embody these qualities and deliver superior personal service that helps save me precious time needed to focus on other priorities. I gain the freedom along with the peace of mind. In addition, the variety of services Naima is able to provide & coordinate for her clients is vast and beyond compare. It is a true challenge to find such a unique & exclusive service.  I feel blessed to have discovered Naima Blasco & Boutique Concierge.”

Michele Wernick
Owner of MW Music & Wine Marketing

“When sharing about my experience with the services rendered by Boutique Concierge, and it’s owner Naima Blasco, all I can say is “wow”! It came as a pleasant and refreshing surprise to see the level of dedication, professionalism, and expertise of this company’s service. As the owner of a few businesses for over 25 years, there were times where I would need to hire various outside services providers. More than often, those companies would seem to always fall short of what they promised that they would do for my business. This is not the case with Boutique Concierge!

From the very beginning, it was obvious that this company was about fulfilling the service needs of its clients. Naima Blasco found out what was needed, and made it happen. Regardless of the level of sensitivity, I was able to entrust her with some very important tasks, which freed me up to focus on the other pressing activities of my daily life.

Boutique Concierge is a wonderful company led by one of the best in the industry. I feel fortunate to have found it when I did. It is my plan to continue to use this service for the foreseeable future. And, I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a professional concierge service!”

Devon McNairy
Owner of The McNairy Group

“I have had the great pleasure to work with Naima and would highly recommend her services. She has catered to my clients needs with sheer perfection. Her level of dependability and professionalism is bar non the best. It’s important to work with people who are skilled and knowledgeable in their field of service, which in turn makes our lives easier. Naima is someone I trust to handle my in demand clients who have high standards because I know she will always meet their needs with ease and grace accompanied with a fabulous personality to boot! She’s been a great and resourceful contact to have in the Concierge World.”

Summer Chápin
Owner of Premier Stagers

Naima is a life saver.  My daughter and I were looking for apartments this summer (2020) and between COVID and the riots we could not find anyone who would help us when we needed to have a live person help us view an apartment  remotely.  Trying to manage this search from Nashville, TN was very difficult, and we reached out to her via Yelp, and she replied very quickly.  We were able to arrange everything over the phone and had the whole thing managed within the same day I contacted her.  She handled everything professionally with the real estate agent in LA, and in fact, I think he was much more responsive to us after working with Naima!  She is very kind hearted, and we connected since we are both mothers and know that we want the best for our children.  I would trust her with just about anything!

Saskia Lewis

I’m an Event Planner and something that used to be a struggle for me was being able to balance work and personal life. Naima Blasco at Boutique Concierge came into my life at a moment when I had to travel to San Francisco for a medical conference. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to manage all the things that I had to do, and she helped me out with the best of attitudes. She makes everything easy and painless. I was able to focus on my job and care for the conference guests while she managed all the shopping and arrangements needed to happen for a successful event. She’s very professional, resourceful and someone you can rely on, skills that seem very hard to find these days.

Kirsten Glass

Personable, energetic, and professional, Naima and Boutique Concierge have a solution for ANYONE with a time management need. Cannot recommend her and her business enough.

Eirk Brown

“Naima is a detail minded and consummate professional who will leave no stone unturned when taking care of your needs. Amazing service and with such a sweet disposition. Highly recommend!”

Kelly Nelson
Owner of Emerald World ET

“I would highly recommend Boutique Concierge. They are trust-worthy and on-top of everything you need. Nothing is too big or small – happy to pick up groceries or manage a medium size project at your home.”

Dominique Faes

Couldn’t be happier with Boutique Concierge. They do exactly what they say they will: spoil you and your company!

Ari Wintraub

“I highly recommend Naima Blasco! She is a life saver, trustworthy and reliable.”

Susana Ballesteros
Owner of Suco Voiceovers

Boutique Concierge
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