It feels like yesterday when I was typing the December 2017 newsletter for you. This year has been a roller coaster for me (and probably for you too – isn’t that how life works?), and I’d love to share with you the most important lesson I’ve learned. It serves for both your business and your personal lives, and even though it may sound like a cliché, it WORKS! I’ve been aware of it all my life, but I ultimately have to thank Freddie Mercury for it.

Last “A-ha Moment” of 2018.

I haven’t been able to stop myself from listening to Queen since I saw Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, I’ll confess that I can’t stop crying when I do so! There, I said it. It may sound weird, but that’s what happens to me when I listen to so much talent and I watch so much charisma. It’s happening even more with Mr. Mercury because of the fact that he left us too soon.

I won’t get into writing a review about the movie, but here’s the lesson I’d like to bring up that connects Freddie Mercury’s career to yours and everyone else’s.

At the end of the film it’s 1985 and Queen performs at the Live Aid concert in London. If you pay attention to how Freddie Mercury let himself go that day, not only will you see one of the best rock performances ever, but you’ll notice how a human being can reach the maximum level of bliss when doing what he or she is meant to do in life. When you watch the movie, you realize how much in love Freddy Mercury was with what he did for a living.

Last night, as I watched the real Live Aid concert on YouTube, I was in awe at how 72,000 people sang and danced to his lyrics. People surrendered to his music and to who he was because he had created music that HE believed in and loved, regardless of what the norm was at that time. The result was that many understood him and loved his songs because they felt in tune with him.

That’s how he found his “followers”, or better said, they found him… And then it hit me! We can all find ours the same way!

That’s exactly what happens to all of us when we do what we love! Don’t our clients show up when we’re truthful and demonstrate our strengths and our weaknesses, without trying to be someone else? Always keep your client’s needs in mind, of course, but remember that it’s only when you show the world who you truly are, that the world loves you back. If Mercury created what he thought the majority of people wanted to hear instead of creating music that personally moved him, then he wouldn’t have had the level of success he had.

I’ve come to realize that I’m loving what I do now more than ever before. This year, I finally learned that clients show up when I show what I believe in instead of hiding it. People want to connect with people. The services I offer are still the same and the personal concierge is the same too! What’s changed is the confidence I’ve gained by showing the world what my standards and beliefs are, and how having a Spanish accent is an asset and not a setback!

Your people will find you too and when that happens, you’ll be able to have the loyalty and the quality of “followers” (clients and prospects) that you’ve always wanted.

Quick reminder: The Holiday Concierge Package!

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I hope you have the best holidays ever, and that you create loads of beautiful moments with your family and friends. Remember, The Show Must Go On!

Happy Holidays! ¡Felices Fiestas!

P.S. Go watch the movie!

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