Erin Hanson’s poem has stuck with me since I read it just a few days ago. How does an 18 year-old woman know so early what it takes so long for others to learn? Or is it that we all know and we just don’t jump because we don’t have the courage to do so?

3 reasons why you should jump and not be afraid of falling.

1- MAGIC, that’s what happens, in one way or another. Do you ever wonder about all those amazing things that happen to other people? It’s because they jumped at some point in time. You’ll recognize them by their happy faces and their feeling of accomplishment. It seems that if you want to live the most incredible life, you must jump. It’s the ultimate reward to experience what life is really about.

2- When you jump you always LEARN, even if you fall (notice I didn’t say “fail”). What if I make a mistake, you may ask? Who cares? It’s not the end of the world. It’s just life testing you. Get up and keep going.

3- You WON’T FOREVER WONDER what could’ve been. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t live not knowing what would have happened had I taken that chance. I wouldn’t be able to erase it from my mind and I’d be stuck and frustrated. Does that happen to you at all?

The alternative to not jumping is to stay in your comfort zone. That’s what most people do. But you don’t want to live never knowing your potential.

Side effects of jumping!

Crazy, crazy good stuff, that’s what happens! What I’m about to give you as an example only happened because I had a dream… and I jumped. The dream was to have my own concierge company so I could help as many people as possible live a healthy and happy life.

So, Wednesday of last week I met with a potential client. We had talked over the phone the day before, and I offered to go to her home so I could see for myself what she needed help with. She’s a very successful business woman who is overwhelmed by all the things she’s not able to take care of in her personal life.

The simple fact of making a shopping return is mission impossible for her. She didn’t know that a personal concierge can help get her life together, bring more time and live with much less stress.

Her beautiful big blue eyes lit up when I told her about all the things that I could do for her on a regular basis. By organizing her home, running her errands, doing her shopping, making returns, and watching her home when she’s away, she’s now going to be able to focus on her company and on all the other projects she’s juggling at the moment.

Seeing the relief and the excitement on her face – as well as on all of my other clients’— is the fuel that makes me keep jumping, day after day. What it’s really crazy is that she’s the client I’ve always dreamt about. And it wouldn’t have happened had I not jumped.

Will you fall down? Will you make mistakes?

Of course you will, but that’s a good thing! Look, getting up and trying again is what will ultimately make you “fly”.

How about we fly together?

Wishing you the most incredible month of June!


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