We’re just a few days away from being able to go back out again and mingle with the people we love. Yes, it won’t be the same as it used to be (for now), but it’s still better than being home every single day. I’m sure we can agree on that!

I encourage you to think what is that one thing you’re looking forward to doing most when the stay at home order is lifted.

Mine will be to go on a hike with my son! Yours?

In the meantime, check these resources below to keep feeding your brain, your soul and your body 🥰


This website is simply spectacular! Its coverage explores visual culture through the latest in fine art, design, modern craft, street art, photography, illustration, science, and animation.

In this spectacular clip filmed by the PBS series Spy in the Wild, a mechanical “spy hummingbird” flies over a swarm of resting monarchs.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Kala Maxym brings you an extraordinary experience through the month of May with her unique virtual wine tastings. If you like wine, don’t think twice and click the link above. You’re in for a treat!

In addition, she’s recently launched her Music and Wine Tasting Club. The monthly membership fee of $15 gives you access to the month’s playlists (on iTunes and Spotify), the menus with links to their wine and food partners, and the “live” Virtual Tastings hosted by her each month as well as the replay of the tastings.

Meraki Fitness

And after all the drinking… time to burn out those calories!

Who better to help you achieve that than Meraki Fitness?!

Meraki Fitness welcomes you to start your journey or continue developing at any level or goal! They believe it’s all about your individual or company’s journey, with a customized program for success as the reward.Make sure you check the link above for updates on free classes (Mon-Wed-Fri 2 pm and 6 pm), interviews, events and more!⁠ This is only a tiny example of what they can do for you 💪🏻⁠

Are you in? Summer is around the corner 😉 Just saying…⁠

Sending you tons of energy!


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