I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful month of July and this spectacular weather 😎

Wow, what a different summer this one is! We’ll certainly remember it forever. From going to the beach to hiking, our summer experiences have all had to be adjusted to our current situation in unthinkable ways.

And what about traveling? Who could have imagined at this time last year that only one year later we wouldn’t be able to travel as freely as we’d want? That’s why it’s so important to not take things and people for granted and to be present. We never know what tomorrow will bring!

Even though most people are staying in town due to the Covid-19 crisis, many others are still taking time off and traveling, and those include our clients at Boutique Concierge. ⁠⁠

Are you traveling this year?

If you find yourself among those who will be, and you worry about your house while away… Don’t stress out anymore! ⁠

We can help while you relax and enjoy your time off!

Depending on your situation, we can visit 1-2 times per week and make sure that everything at your home is running the way it should. Our Vacation Services cover:

  • Mail
  • Deliveries
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Garden
  • Housekeeping
  • Watering Indoor Plants
  • Stock your fridge upon your return (favorite among our clients!)

In addition, we can supervise any contractors that may be working at your property, so your home is ready by the time you’re back.

Have a wonderful summer, whether you stay in town or take off. I made the decision to stay even though I miss not being in my country and seeing my family and friends.

But I do hope that this enormous effort most people are taking will bring us closer to the end of this pandemic.

Stay safe!⁠


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