First things first: are you staying healthy? Things are getting a little out of hand and I very much hope that you’re taking care of yourself. We all need you!

Today I want to share with you an extraordinary conversation I had with a client a few days ago. For privacy purposes we’ll call her Mia (I always LOVED that name!)

Mia and I met a few months ago. After she explained what her frustrations and goals were regarding lack of time, we decided I’d go to her home once a week for 4 hours to help with her to-do list and errands. This would be the best way that she could gain her time back.

That day, prior to our conversation, she asked me to order a storage item online. I had to measure the dimensions of several items to determine if they’d fit comfortably inside. After I finished, she stood up and made sure the measurements were correct by measuring everything all over again.

Later she mentioned that she’s constantly busy with her home and other duties, which keeps her from having the time to do the things that she REALLY wants to do.

I said: “Mia, with all due respect and from a place of love, I’d like to share something with you that I’ve noticed. I see that it’s hard for you to DELEGATE. However, the purpose of having me here is that you gain your time back so you can put it towards your passion. Let’s take today as an example: you gave me a task to perform, and after I completed it, you took time out of your day to do the same thing that you had asked me to do for you.”

I showed her how other recurring clients like her just hand me their to-do list and then completely forget about it. They know I’ll get it done and that allows them to focus on their business and fun – or both because for many of us, business is fun!

Her face lightened up! Something clicked for her and she was very grateful to hear that. Now she understands that the first step to hiring a Personal Concierge is saying “yes!” to DELEGATE.

I completely understand where she’s coming from. She’s accustomed to managing her home, coordinating her vendors, creating the family’s meals, etc. And it’s hard to start giving up all that work. But that’s how you begin the shift. Letting others help you, little by little.

Superwoman and Superman are just fiction characters. WE are real! Delegate NOW.

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