What makes you jump for joy? For us, it’s seeing our clients happy. Here’s a Google testimonial of our client Sue about how we helped her achieve her goals 🥰

A few months ago, Sue reached out to us for business support. What?!? Didn’t you know that besides helping busy professionals with their home management, we also help in a business setting?

Sue is the Program Director for the Live Be Yoga Tour that Yoga Journal produces every year.

When she first called, she was curious to know if we could help her assemble and deliver VIP gift bags to high-profile influencers in the Los Angeles area for their virtual event (due to Covid-19, Yoga Journal wasn’t allowed to offer live events, which is how this virtual idea was born).

NOW sponsored the virtual event and we ended up coordinating their VIP gift bags. We received about 30 different products – from healthy food and beauty products to recipes – that the influencers were then able to use throughout the virtual event. At Boutique Concierge, we assembled the gift bags, meticulously wrapped them in merchandised bags and personally delivered them to everyone’s homes – some as far as Orange County!

To see people’s face light up when they saw the gift bags was… ohhhhh — priceless. This is actually one of our favorite services. It’s like we’re being Santa all year long!

Another group of professionals that we provide business support for is Realtors. Realtors are often out of town or just very busy, so we cover their Open Houses when necessary. Sometimes they even gift our services to their clients to help them unpack their new home.

We also give our support to companies as a replacement to “Office Managers”. Again, due to Covid-19 many people have been working from home for the past year. The role of the Office Manager has become a rarity and Boutique Concierge is helping companies and business owners on-site while they work from home.

We go to their offices in a weekly basis, and as we do with our Home Property Management, we check the mail, water the plants, check janitor’s work, coordinate supplies and much more.

Jump over to our new Youtube channel to see with your own eyes what we do at one of our clients’ offices!

Remember – you don’t have to navigate life alone. Stress, fatigue and lack of time will get you nowhere. We’re here to help you achieve your goals in the healthiest wa

Tons of hugs your way!


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