I hope you’re having a terrific Summer this far. Many of our clients have been busy traveling – I hope you have too – and some are even moving to other states!

A few months ago Heather, a Membership client of ours for 3 years, bought a home in Utah and told me that she will be moving there this Summer. I was very happy for her, but at the same time sad to see her go.

Let me describe in detail how we’ve been helping her make this transition.

Heather’s a engaged businesswoman who didn’t have time enough to balance work and personal life. She hired us to help her with her Household Management and Errands so she could enjoy her evenings and weekends more fully (amongst the things that she loves to do is to play soccer!)

These past few years we’ve been seeing her for 4 hours every other week to take care of her loooooong to-do lists. Her requests were different each visit, although some were recurring: dry cleaners, grocery shopping, pet food shopping… Occasionally, we took her car for a wash or drove it to the car dealership for maintenance.

When Summer arrived, she didn’t have the time to organize the Utah move, so she asked us to handle it. While she’ll be speaking at a convention in Las Vegas, I’ll be covering for her in Utah, overseeing the move.

But as you very well know, there are many other things that must be taken care of prior to a move. Besides packing and hiring of movers, we’ve also done these so far:

  • Cancelled all utilities
  • Returned the internet and phone equipment
  • Cancelled Post Office
  • Hired handyman to wrap up her place in LA
  • Home Insurance
  • Last minute shopping and errands
  • Photos and videos of home in LA
  • Coordinate with interior designer in Utah so we are aware of how all the furniture is distributed
  • Search for a Personal Concierge in Utah
  • DMV appointment in Utah
  • Booked her new doctors in Utah

I’ve come to love her so much! She’s really been a pleasure to work with her – always so excited, positive, thrilled and grateful with our help. We deeply care for our clients, and Heather will always have a special place in our hearts.

What about you? Do you have special clients that you love and that you’d want to keep forever?

Now that you know that we travel to support our clients with their needs, please share with others that may find themselves in the same situation as Heather so we can save them a headache… or two!

Safe travels/staycation!

Naima Blasco


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