Owning a concierge company has taught me a thing or two about how extremely busy people are nowadays. For a while now, I’ve been saying that sooner or later we’ll all have our Personal Concierge. Do you remember how, back in the day, only the rich used the service of a housekeeper? Now, most of us do, even if it’s just once or twice a month. And the same will happen with the service of a Personal Concierge because life is more complex and human beings can no longer do it all themselves.

Why am I sharing this today? Because I was recently a client of my own concierge company. Yes, I too need a concierge 😂 The experience was phenomenal because I got to see through the client’s eyes for a change. And I understood now more than ever how incredibly awesome is to have someone’s help.

The benefits are endless, but I must say that saving time and reducing stress are top two.

For almost five years now, at Boutique Concierge we’ve been helping clients with exactly that. Our clients often share how our service has improved their lives. However, one thing is to hear it, and a very different is to experience it.

So, here’s what happened when I had my own Personal Concierge 😊

Two weeks ago, I went to Spain for a week to see my mom. Sundays are when I would normally get my groceries, but I wasn’t going to be able to do it this time. In the past, I’ve stressed over doing everything myself the day I returned: run my business and help clients, take care of my son and do the groceries. However, this time I thought to myself: “Wait! You just hired Helene, the new Personal Concierge for your clients. How about you hire HER to help YOU with the groceries?” While I was relaxing and reading on the plane back to LA, she was doing my shopping. I remember sitting in the plane, book in hand, smiling at this thought!

When I arrived home at almost 11 pm, exhausted, hungry, and looking forward to going to bed, I felt I had entered Heaven. First, I noticed flowers! She had bought flowers that I hadn’t asked for. See? This is something that we do for our clients, to surprise them with little details here and there – and she did the same for me! I opened the fridge, and it was full! I was able to eat before going to sleep, and what’s best, the next day I was free to focus on what really matters to me: my family and my business.

You may be thinking… why didn’t you hire Instacart? Besides the fact that they don’t have my key, at Boutique Concierge we do your shopping as if it were our own. We carefully choose every single ingredient, we think about alternatives when your items aren’t available, even if it means going to a different store, we advance payment… and as you saw, we get flowers! And to top it all off, we stock up your fridge and your pantry, so you don’t have to.

Now I understand my clients more than ever. I feel the stress they used to feel before they used our service and I see the relief that it has brought to their lives… And I see why they got “addicted” to it and keep asking for more and more help! No doubt I’ll continue doing this every time I travel, and from time to time even when I’m home. Just like our clients do 😎

Do you find yourself in the same situation? Maybe someone you know at work, a friend or a relative, is struggling to get it all done? Forward this email and we’ll treat them with all our love.

Happy Spring!



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