In just the blink of an eye, Summer will soon arrive! And with it, lots of fun things to organize and think about – when to take time off, where to travel, what to do with your pet and what with your home.

That’s when we come in to make your life easy and worry free.

Whether you leave your home for weeks or just a few days, you’ll want to make sure that your property is taken care of and safe. As you know, so much can happen when we least expect it, usually when we let our guard down.

We’ve been managing our clients’ homes for many years now, both on a weekly basis (for those out-of-town investors who need someone to manage their properties in Los Angeles), and over the Summer, when our local clients leave town to disconnect and enjoy the fun and beauty that other places on our planet have to offer.

Our “Vacation Concierge” service is most popular during the months of Summer and Winter Holidays, although we do have some exceptions. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that your home will be in our hands, and we’ll watch it and care for it as if it were our own.

Here’s our client Heather experience back in 2020:

“I needed to leave LA during the Covid shelter in place to take care of my parents in Idaho and I could not have done it without Naima. She made sure to visit regularly and ensure I had all my mail and everything else was taken care of. What peace of mind! This way I could ensure they were ok without having any added worries.”

Some of the things that your Vacation Concierge can do for you while you’re relaxing and disconnecting during your vacation are:

  • Security. We go room by room making sure that nothing is out of the ordinary. We look for any obvious security and maintenance issues, any windows and doors that may have been left opened and loose doorknobs.
  • Damages. We look for leaks, cracks on the walls, etc. We leave in LA, and oh, well! Even those small earthquakes can create damages.
  • Systems. We check that alarm, WIFI, cameras and any other systems are working properly.
  • Water. We run water from all the faucets and toilets to prevent pipe damage.
  • Mail. We collect and dispose of any junk mail, flyers, trash, or other debris. In addition, we text client photos of what may be important and that needs to be addressed immediately. We do not open any mail unless they give us permission.
  • Entry. We sweep front walk/entry porch.
  • Cobwebs. We dust and cobweb windows, sills, doors, door frames, lights, and lamps.
  • Plants. We water any pots or plants that need extra attention.
  • Pool. Check that it appears operational, in good condition and with appropriate water level.
  • Trash bins. We bring in trash bins from the curb.
  • We coordinate with gardener, pool service, and housekeeper.
  • Their favorite! We fill their fridge and stock their pantry right before their return.

If you want to have no worries during your trip, give us a call at 323-630-5787 and let us know when you’re planning your time off so we can book your Vacation Concierge. There’s nothing like being able to completely disconnect, and that only happens when you have a plan in place. Start now!

Happy beginning of Summer!


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