Today I’m going to be brief. By coincidence, I came upon a very similar insight from two completely different sources this morning. They both share the tremendous importance of allowing yourself TIME to enjoy your life NOW.  I immediately thought I should share it with you.

The first message came through a client of mine. J.C. had gifted me with The five-minute journal back in December, a journal that comes with a daily quote and forces me to stop each day and think about what I’m most grateful for. Today’s quote is from acclaimed philosopher Ferris Beuller, and it reads simply “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

I don’t usually follow the lines from a movie script, but I like its simplicity and it touched me. I try to do little things every day; make room to hike or lunch with a friend. If I don’t have much time, I might play around with my cat, do some gardening, or do anything that involves Mother Nature. That’s when I appreciate everything I have in my life and when I’m most in the moment.

Other times I go big! Two weeks ago, my father and his wife visited from Spain, so I took some days off from work and with my son Theo, we all drove to the Grand Canyon. Our moments looking out onto that incredible landscape will stay with me forever. I recently “recovered” my dad and I want to make the best of his last decades together.

The second message is from my friend Deborah’s Facebook page. Her heart is breaking into a million pieces, as her best friend of 25 years is being ravaged by an evil cancer and at her final moments. It’s such a powerful message that I asked her whether I could share it with you.

“Please my friends, live passionately and fully, don’t put off that trip you wanted to take, follow your purpose of why you came here in the first place because life is short and we never know when our soul’s contract is up.”

Thank you, Deborah 💕

You’ve heard both of these messages before and I’ve talked in the past about them. My honest intention here is to remind you so you put it into practice in case you forgot.

Now it’s a great moment to start! Spring is around the corner and it’s time to end hibernation and to come out from your burrow.

Life will always pull you in different directions, and that’s precisely why you must take control and stop the craziness, ideally once a day. Don’t wait until something bad happens to do those things that you always want to do and never get to do. That’s usually when we all wake up, and it’s too late. You’re reading this now. Just do it! (Thank you, Nike!)

I’ll leave you with a third quote – ha! We have this saying in Spain “La primavera la sangre altera”, which means “Spring alters your blood”. I hope it makes sense in English!

Therefore, go out, go crazy, enjoy life… NOW!


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