I love having conversations with our clients, especially when they open up and share what it is that it’s overwhelming them at that particular time. This knowledge helps us to adjust our services to better ensure those worries disappear.

Two weeks ago I met with Kim, one of our dearest clients. Kim is simply wonderful. She’s independent and cheerful, always has a big smile on her face. I shared with her what I shared with you in our last newsletter – that I was able to save so much time by having my own Personal Concierge do my groceries. And she replied that there’s another benefit, one that often takes a back seat but is even more important to her than having her time back (and with which I agree!). It’s PEACE OF MIND. To her, having a Personal Concierge means that she doesn’t stress about all the things that she needs to do.

Stress and worries take so much of our time and energy. It clogs up the space in our minds, and if not addressed can lead to poor health and lifestyle.

This talk inspired me to ask for her testimonial and I’m sharing it with you for two reasons:

  • In hopes that we can help others who find themselves in the situation she used to be in.
  • Beating stress is our mission. Stress is number one enemy to our health, and Boutique Concierge is helping as many people as it can to live a better and healthier lives.

And without further ado, here’s Kim’s testimonial!

As a female leader in a male dominated business world, I have always jokingly said I needed a wife. Someone who can manage my life, so I can actually enjoy life when I get time off. Enter Naima. At first, I wasn’t sure how to leverage her, but she took the lead and very quickly showed me how much she can handle. From scheduling doctor appointments, helping to upgrade all the tech in my house, home organization, chasing deliveries and contractors, and So. Much. More. She’s also been reselling my designer clothing and furniture, so she always shows up with checks from The Real Real, almost paying for herself. Naima is obviously very organized, but also proactive, action-oriented, very responsive, and just lovely to be around. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, not able to enjoy your time off, or you just don’t want to carry the load on your own, Naima is for you.”

Life is to be enjoyed. We’re here to have fun, to learn and to grow into the best human beings that we can be. If you or anyone you know is struggling, please let them know they’re not alone. We can help them have more time, and like Kim says, MORE PEACE OF MIND 😉


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