Summer is coming to an end. The kids are back at school, and we adults are back at work.

So you may be thinking, how in the world am I going to tackle all this year without going cuckoo?

Time to meditate on what type of life you want to live.

If you’re happy with the amount of free time you have to yourself, congratulations! If not, read today about the first tool that helped me have more time, and as a result, be more focused and present in my every day.

Is your cellphone controlling you, or are YOU controlling it?

Oh, wait! What does she mean? Yes, you read it correctly. Nowadays cellphone use is constant. Calls, texts, emails, notifications and unlimited interruptions, bombard us all day long. You can’t focus on anything because you keep getting interrupted.

This was my breakthrough and it can be yours too.

In January of this year I realized how busy my days were and how little I was accomplishing. I was stressed out, and I hardly had time to do any of the things that I really wanted to do. Does this sound familiar? I decided to pay attention to how I was using my cell phone. The first evening of my “assignment”, I noticed that once I was on my coach after dinner and dishes, I grabbed the phone just to look at my Facebook notifications…and guess what…two hours later I still had the phone on my hand! “What?” I thought: “what a waste!” Just so you know, I don’t even watch television so I can have time to myself, and here I was, using that time on social media. Not to mention all the interruptions I had been getting throughout the day as I was trying to work and spend time with my family. Don’t get me wrong, social media is great, but since that evening, I decide when I jump on it.

What can you do to make more time for yourself?

Give this a try! Grab a pen and paper and write every time you’re on your cell phone, and for how long. Note how many times you’re interrupted, and if those times are alerts that could have waited.

This is what I do: I’ve assigned three times in the day to check my cell phone. And you can do the same if so you wish. Your life is precious, and it deserves all the time, attention and love you can gift to it. Calls, texts, emails, and social media can wait for the times that are right for YOU.


Once you set up the time frames throughout the day when you’ll use your cellphone, let the rest be the time when you focus on your career (where you’ll be more productive), your family and yourself (where you’ll be more present). Trust me, the world won’t come to an end! Don’t you think you all deserve it?

I hope this helps! It changed my life completely and it can do the same for yours. Feel free to share this tip with your loved ones so they can have their quality time back too.

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