Happy August!

I hope you are taking advantage of this beautiful season and are taking time to relax and recharge. I spent a couple of weeks in Spain and visited the Pyrenees. I highly recommend you go if you love nature, as the landscape is breathtaking 😍

And now that almost all of us at Boutique Concierge are back from our vacation, we’re making changes to make our offer to prospective clients even more irresistible. We’re preparing lots of extra bonuses and benefits to give our clients when they join our Membership, and we’re also making new international partnerships. I can’t wait to share with you all of it in our next newsletter coming up in September!!!

We can’t reveal our secrets yet, but as a token of appreciation for your support, we’ll share the most audacious one! 

A few days ago, I was reflecting on human behavior when it comes to purchasing new products and services. We get excited at the idea that this new item or extra help will work for us, we invest a lot, and I’m not talking about money necessarily, but trust, expectations, and dreams, and we hope that this service or product will work so our lives get better and therefore we’ll be more content. 

However, there’s no guarantee we will love the result. Someone may have talked to us about it, we have read testimonials, have done our research, but we’re all different, and what may work for you may not work for someone else. So we take a leap of faith and trust that this will be it. 

TRUST – firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

Now, is it fair that a business gets compensated before demonstrating how their services/products can impact their clients’ lives?

We’ve decided to switch things around a bit and provide our new clients with a BOLD GUARANTEE, something that we haven’t done before.

We know that our service can produce life transforming results (see our Google reviews), but we also know prospective clients don’t know this yet. And they won’t until they experience our service for themselves. That is why we’re happy to provide them with this audacious guarantee: if they don’t see results by the end of their first month, they get their 100% money back, guaranteed.

With this new bonus, we’re hoping to reach out to hundreds of people in Los Angeles who are currently living in a state of constant overwhelm and stress. A place where no one should live.

Be even more awesome than what you already are and share this news with your network, especially with those you know need to breathe the most. Having a Personal Concierge in one’s life changes everything, from having more time and less stress, to getting Peace of Mind. 

There’s nothing to lose when you hire Boutique Concierge, and everything to win. Guaranteed! 😁

With lots of Love and Gratitude,


Boutique Concierge
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