Unexpected conversations with other business owners

One morning each month, I meet with a group of extraordinary women to mastermind and share business insights. A few days ago we decided to meet an extra time and do something different: Happy Hour! And we had a great conversation that left me thinking…

Everyone is productive at different times of the day

Jen T. owns a graphic design studio. As we sat in this new restaurant in Century City, she shared with me that her productive hours are in the late evening. She takes a nap in the pm, and stretches her day so she can work later when there are no interruptions and she can be completely focused.

I’m at my best in the early hours

There’s no doubt: I’m a morning person. The only things I have the energy for in the evenings are dance class, attending events and dinners, or relaxing.

I like to wake up when it’s still dark and get into my most creative and crucial work. Last week I worked with my commercial director client on his shoot. By getting up before the rest of LA, I was able to accomplish what I needed before going to the set, and I still had the entire day ahead of me. Besides I got to enjoy the sunrise! What else could I ask for?

Which are your most productive hours?

Do you know how some days you’ve been extremely busy, only to realize that you’ve achieved nothing or very little? Experiment with different parts of your day to figure out which times you’re at your best. Stop the distractions and attack those hours. You’ll be in for a treat, and you’ll have more time to your disposal.

And as always, be consistent. That’s when major results occur.

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