Setback or breakthrough

So I broke my foot. Ha! As I was falling down in the middle of a stunning landscape, I couldn’t help but think of my two options:

1) Stress out, thinking “How am I going to take care of my business, my son, and everything else?

2) Accept the situation and enjoy the extra time.

I didn’t have to think too hard. I chose #2.

Now, I’m not saying you have to break a bone to get some extra time in your life. What I’m suggesting you meditate on is: what if you take a setback as a way to focus your time on that moment, to be alert to what will emerge, and to do things you never get to do? As opposed to stop in your tracks and feel sorry for yourself? In my experience, that’s when breakthroughs happen. By being still.

Choosing to use the time to your advantage.

As I go through “my break”, I ‘m grateful to wake up to the fact that I get to enjoy things I never have the time to do: sit in silence and observe, read and think about new strategies for my business, enjoy my friends’ company…

We’re in constant stress about the daily things we have to do. It’s only when an unexpected event occurs that we realize the world doesn’t stop spinning. Sports will continue to be played, newspapers will report, someone will kiss for the first time, and it will rain, like it always has (well, except in LA!).

Your to-do list and the projects you need to get done will never disappear. So why worry? Is it going to take more time? Yes. But so be it.

Do you stress when an unpredicted life event interrupts your routine?

Life is full of adversities, and they’ll break into your life every now and then. Health issues, losing a dear one, family matters… The trick here is to not stress every time something happens, but accept it and embrace it. Learn that there are advantages to everything; you just have to discover them. Maybe life is trying to tell you to stop and smell the flowers?

And speaking of flowers! Spring is around the corner. I hope you enter it with “the right foot” 😉 I promise to do the same!

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