How’s your summer going?

I’ve been enjoying mine very much! I returned from my Spain trip last night, and though sleepless and with a sore throat, I felt completely recharged and filled with love and a strong sense of connectedness. As my plane was flying above the clouds, I found myself remembering how connectedness “magically” worked for me during my vacation, especially one week ago… on the stunning island of Menorca.

9 am July 26, 2018.

After walking through a forest for 2 miles in a humid ninety degrees, I arrived at the most beautiful cove I’ve ever seen. It’s called Macarelleta – calm turquoise water (a bit cold for Spain), white sand, bent trees, and rocks. Everything just perfect. The few of us who were there looked at each other and smiled at the “miracle” of that moment. We could all feel the same sense of peace and connectedness. I went in the water and enjoyed its coolness like never before, playing dead while looking at the sky, and enjoying one of the deepest silences of my life. All of us med into Nature. We were all one. No obligations, no cell phones, just us.

That’s connectedness: the combination of physical synchronicity with other humans and of being part of something bigger than ourselves. You’ve probably experienced it at a concert or at a sports event. It definitely happened over 9/11. All one with the same purpose.

Try this!

You don’t need to travel to an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea to experience it. You can feel it with the people you love and even with strangers at any given time. Here’s the recipe:

  • Unplug
  • Observe
  • Be Present
  • Let Yourself Go

It’s human nature to connect FACE TO FACE! Will you join me? I’ll meet you out there!

Wishing you tons of special moments,


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