Would you risk the holiday gatherings with your family?

Ikea Spain is encouraging everyone to disconnect from technology to reconnect with their families.The holiday campaign comes in a video that shows a contest with different families who are having dinner over the holidays. A member of every family must answer a question given by the host of the contest. Those who can’t answer will have to leave the dinner table.

The first questions are all about the latest in technology and every family scores 100%. However it all takes a different turn when the host switches to personal questions such as “How did your parents meet?”, “What’s the most memorable time in your grandmother’s life?”, “What’s your son’s favorite movie?”… Then you see how no one knows anything about their families anymore. All because communication is gone.

Here’s the video. It’s in Spanish with English subtitles. Please watch it. It will impact you.

Celebrate and be present. Eat, drink, laugh (a lot), sing and dance. That’s a recipe that never fails!

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