Jacarandas are blooming in my neighborhood. I love to open my window as soon as I get up and smell its powerful, lilac “Good Morning!” Even the name of it I like… jacaranda…

By the time I get back from my Summer vacation there will be no flowers left, so I’m taking advantage of these last blooming days. The seasons… the cycles of life. We humans go through cycles too, it’s just that not all of us realize how important it is for our bodies and minds to respect those times and do what’s needed.

Now, for example. It’s Summer, which means that it’s time to stop, relax and recharge. You’ve been busy working and taking care of your home and family for almost a year. Stop the machine now. Reset. Take time off and do whatever it is that makes you happy. Or even better: do NOTHING.

However, if you’re in the mood to try something different, I do have a challenge for you that will benefit you forever! This Summer you can start practicing the ideas below with the purpose of implementing them in your life long term. I started this practice four years ago when I went to Zambia and I keep adding more “laws” to my every day as I keep on learning. The goal is to try one at a time, and when you feel that you’ve “mastered” one, you move to the next. Some are easier than others, depending on your personality. And some are so basic! But important too.

You’ll think twice next time you worry about things that aren’t that important!

Unplug from technology.

Stop taking yourself so seriously.

Laugh more, from your belly.

Less Netflix, and more love!

Take a pause to connect with others.

Listen more deeply without the need to fix anything.

Fear nothing. Do it all.

Try more new things.

Break the rules that you don’t like.

Love everyone while they’re with you, then set them free.

Keep the focus on your best 5 people.

Take control of your environment.

Have more fun.

Smile more at strangers.

Watch more sunsets.


Keep saying “no” and don’t feel guilty about it.

Say “I love you” to everyone that you love.

Never speak ill of anyone.

Take every minute as sacred.

Trust your gut.

Now I must go! I have a plane to catch to Asturias, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I forgot to add “Travel” to my list! See how easy it grows?

See you in a couple of weeks, and have a relaxing, fun and exciting Summer break!

I love you 🥰


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