I hope you’re staying healthy and WARM! Can you believe how cold it’s been for the past few days? I do love it actually! (as long as it’s just for a few days!) Good thing we live in sunny LA 😎

Today I was reflecting on out-of-town clients who we manage properties for, and it occurred to me to ask you something… How would you feel if you owned a property in a different state or country, and you couldn’t be there in person to take care of it?

Many of our clients find themselves in that position. Things happen to properties from time to time – especially if no one is there to take care of them – and it’s crucial to maintain them in a regular basis to avoid major crisis.

Since the demand for Property Management has been increasing the past few months, I thought I’d share with you HOW we help this type of client. This way, if you know someone who’s struggling with this same situation, you can send them our way and I promise we’ll take excellent care of them on your behalf 😊

It depends on every property and on every situation, but for the most part we visit 1-2 times per week to make sure that the home is running the way it should.

We take care of:

  • Mail
  • Deliveries
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Stocking supplies
  • Housekeeping
  • Watering Indoor Plants
  • Garden
  • Pest control
  • Garbage bins
  • Cobwebs removal from outside doors and window frames
  • Pool
  • Stock the fridge upon client’s return (favorite among our clients!)

One of the major tasks we do for this type of client is to supervise contractors for different projects. We’ve done termite inspections and treatments, restoration of windows, hardwood floor finishing, plumbing, tree trimming and removal, and much more. Many we hire through the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce (which we are members of), and others through our Networking efforts.

We hire the best professionals in the city and take care of every project from beginning to end: research and hiring, job supervision and payment. The client is updated throughout via calls, texts, emails, photos and videos.

As an example, this week and next we’re helping a client who owns a home in Calabasas. We’re supervising her carpet installation as well as other contractors’ work.
Last week we helped this same client install Ring cameras and unpack and re stock their supplies.

In some cases, clients prefer to rent their properties and we help them manage their listings. We take care of tenants and anything that may come up for them.

I’ll leave you with a testimonial from one of our very first clients, and ongoing to this day, who lives in Europe: “You can’t imagine the peace of mind that I have knowing that my house is being taken care of.”

And we actually heard the same feedback this morning from a client who’s going to hire us very soon!

Concierge services help people live better lives, no doubt. However sometimes I take it for granted. Does this happen to you too in your line of work?

I could never have had anticipated that the impact of our services on our clients’ lives would be so great. Helping others is what ignites our engine, and we’re committed to keep doing it for a long time. Even more exciting if it’s with your help!

Sending you a big virtual hug 🤗


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