So excited to be back! I hope your entrance to Fall has been smooth. Isn’t it nice to wear a sweater again?

Boutique Concierge has been growing in a big way these past few months. I wanted to share the following with you in case you’re involved in the Real Estate, or just out of curiosity.

We all know that this has been a great year for our friends in Real Estate. There are more buyers than homes, and home prices have risen to historic levels. A friend in the industry told me that one of the homes he was showing received +30 bids!

As a result, Boutique Concierge has been receiving more and more requests to manage properties. Why? Because many of these homes are investments from individuals who live far away. We’ve received requests from the East Coast, Europe and Canada (especially the latter). As one of our Canadian clients put it, “the level of stress I go through to manage my property is crazy.”

Property Management is becoming one of our star services. And we LOVE it!

I’ll give you the example of one of our newest clients, “Carol”.

Carol lives in Canada and she and her husband have recently bought a home in Santa Monica. When we met there was nothing at the house, no furniture, no appliances, not even Wi-Fi. As you can imagine, there was a lot to be done at this stage, but impossible for them to accomplish from afar.

Two days after we met, she went back to Canada and we took over. Here are some of the things that we’re doing for her and for the rest of our Property Management clients:

  • Internet provider hiring and installation
  • Alarm company hiring and installation
  • Housekeeping hiring
  • Handyman hiring
  • Ring Camera installation
  • Furniture deliveries
  • Kitchen supplies order and delivery
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Mail Management

We hire the best professionals in the city and take care of every project from beginning to end: research and hiring, job supervision and payment. The client is updated throughout via calls, texts, emails, photos, and videos.

As always, the best comes when we hear our clients’ feedback about the peace of mind they receive. We’d love to help many others feel this way, so if you know anyone who lives out of town and is stressing over his/her property management, send them our way. There’s no need to stress out when it can be avoided. And there’s always a solution for every problem, wouldn’t you agree?

Wishing you a great month of October 🍁


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