I hope the Holidays allowed you to relax and appreciate all that you have and that was possible in 2021, despite of another year of global pandemic 😩

If you’re like many humans, you now have a list of goals and projects you’d like to achieve by year’s end.

In order to make it all happen, you’re going to need TIME. I know, some things don’t change! Keep reading though👇🏻 You’re going to discover THE tool that will give you the time to devote to your extraordinary projects: our Personal Concierge Packages!

Boutique Concierge’s Personal Concierge Packages

As you probably know, Boutique Concierge is based on a Membership model. When our clients sign up, they get assigned a Personal Concierge that helps them with their Household Management and To-Do List in a weekly basis.

However, there are other clients who don’t want or need long-term, ongoing assistance. And that’s why we designed our Packages of:

10 hours of Personal Concierge Services

20 hours of Personal Concierge Services

They are PERFECT for anyone who has a short-term project or need OR anyone who wants to call on us here and there for help.

And do you know why this is the perfect time to get your Personal Concierge package? Because it’s always so much better to do things sooner rather than later!

How do Boutique Concierge clients most often use these blocks of time?

Here’s how our clients are using these packages to give them the extra time to do the things they love to do (just like you!):

To-Do Lists, Errands & More – waiting for service calls (so you don’t miss a day of work), hiring contractors and overseeing renovations, having your car serviced, shopping and returns, pick up/delivery service, home management, business concierge services, etc.

Property Management/ Vacation Services – checking your home when you’re out of town for business or personal trip.

Here’s a full list of ideas of how you can make the most of your 10 or 20 hour Personal Concierge service package.

Of course, we don’t use this time all in one day – that would be crazy! Instead, you can schedule your time in 2-hour increments as needed.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Boutique Concierge’s services but hesitate to jump into a long-term commitment, then this is perfect for you! You can use one of these packages to test drive our services. Or you can share with someone you know that could benefit and have more time in her/his hands!

For inquiries or to schedule, call at 323-630-5787 or email at naima@boutiqueconciergeservices.com. 

Have a wonderful rest of January!


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