Client Kelly said what in her review?! 🥳

The way the significance of reviews has grown over the years is astonishing. And it’s understandable. With so many products and services calling for our attention, we rely on other people’s personal experiences, even if that information comes from individuals that… we don’t even know! How bizarre is that if you think about it?

Some of us won’t even watch a movie or go to a restaurant if we haven’t heard someone’s opinion first. The opposite is also true: we won’t doubt for a moment about trying something if the review is spectacular.

At Boutique Concierge, we’ve had several clients share that when they first called, it was because they read a specific review that reflected the pain and struggles they were going through. 

Our mission is to reduce stress in our community and we can’t do it alone, so I recently encouraged our clients to share their experiences via Google. 

The outcome was beautiful: our clients shared the results of the incredible impact having a Personal Concierge has had on their lives, helping them overcome various challenges and achieve their desired outcomes. 

Without further ado, I’d love to share one of those reviews. It comes from the Personal Assistant to one of our clients (we don’t communicate with 10% of our clients. Instead, we handle everything through their house managers or executive assistants). 

“As a personal assistant whom assists with homes worldwide, I rely heavily on personal concierges.
I currently work with many over the states, Canada, and Europe and have to say that without a doubt Boutique Concierge is above and beyond the best.
I feel confident that my brain power can be put to use elsewhere as they have the home and needs covered in every aspect.
I can rest assured that they have thought of and done all things. (Even things that seem minuscule or not important).
They consider cost, time, and efficiency with every project they have been handed. They update me consistently on status of home, mail, packages, cleaning, weather (so we can determine how much outdoor maintenance is needed), repairs, and more.
They also handle all communication with outside vendors (I.e: car detailing, car maintenance, house maintenance, repairs, etc).
They have literally made my job so easy!!
If you are looking for concierge needs, look no further!! This is without a doubt the best service in the LA area!

Additional to add: they are lovely people to work with. Not just because they are so great at their jobs but because they too are kind and caring humans!!
I would rate them higher if I could! 5+ stars!!!

Kelly Meegan


Feel free to read more reviews here to learn about many other ways we’re helping our clients live a life with less stress, more time, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Hoping that you too are doing whatever it takes to LIVE your life to the fullest. 

Forever grateful to our beloved clients,


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